Our History

Our History

The Inspiring Journey of Litomatic

Founded in 1992 as a joint family business, Kardhar Electric Co., Litomatic has evolved into a leading name in the lighting industry, driven by a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Our journey began when Raj Kothari joined the family business in 2011, bringing his passion for lighting into the business firm. Alongside Raj, Ashish Kothari became a valuable support, with his visionary mindset and extensive expertise in the field. Together, they propelled Litomatic to new heights, establishing it as a prominent player in the industry.

In 2013, we expanded our reach by importing lighting goods from China, establishing our brand, and attracting dealers from various parts of the country. However, in 2014, when we sought to collaborate with an established lighting company for a retail showroom in Udaipur, our proposal was rejected. This setback became a catalyst for our determination to create a premium lighting brand.

In 2016, Litomatic was founded by Raj and Ashish as a result of our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional lighting solutions. Litomatic emerged as the pioneer of remote controlled tunable and dimmable lighting in India. We dedicated a year to rigorous testing and refinement, conducted in Udaipur, to ensure that our architectural products with new technology surpassed expectations.

Our participation in prominent exhibitions, including LED Expo in 2017, LED Expo Mumbai & Delhi Exhibition in 2018, and Astep Exhibition in 2019, attracted dealers from all over India, solidifying Litomatic’s position as a leading player in the lighting industry. During this time, we actively embraced the ‘Make in India’ initiative, focusing on developing dies and moulds to enhance our manufacturing capabilities. Today, Litomatic boasts a state-of-the-art facility spanning 60,000 square feet, housing more than 200+ dies and moulds, as well as in-house powder coating plants.

At Litomatic, we pride ourselves on being the preferred choice of architects and interior designers, who recognize us as the pioneers of remote tunable & dimmable lighting in India. Our in-house R&D team, led by Raj and Ashish Kothari, continuously drives innovation and pushes the boundaries of lighting design. We are dedicated to providing customizable lighting solutions that offer tunable and dimmable options, enabling users to adjust color temperatures and create captivating moods.

Embark on this enlightening journey with us as we maintain our leadership in intelligent lighting solutions. Litomatic, renowned for its premium lighting solutions and our unwavering commitment to integrity, customer satisfaction, and surpassing expectations, embodies our dedication. As a trusted and dependable partner, we collectively illuminate spaces and enrich lives with Litomatic’s cutting-edge lighting technology, solidifying our leadership in intelligent lighting solutions.

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